Western Cape homeowners who have tile flooring are certainly happy about the many advantages, but proper tile cleaning and maintenance is required in Cape Town, with our surf and sun lifestyle. Tiles give a unique element of class and style that you can’t get with any other kind of flooring. It really helps make your home all the more attractive which is why getting tile flooring has become very popular over recent years.

But having tile flooring can sometimes have its challenges too, and one example is keeping it clean and in good condition. Many homeowners think that tiles are more resistant to everyday wear and tear which is why they don’t exactly clean it as often as they should.

This can be really bad as it can result in poorly maintained tiles that will do exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to do.

Imagine you walk on a perfectly shiny floor, feels good right? It gives a good view and very relaxing to your eyes, just exactly what you need after a long tiring day at work.

Now, imagine again yourself walking on some brown, grout nasty floor. It normally would increase your headache and surely nobody wants a bad headache and a dirty floor to walk on.

We always want to see a refreshing clean floor but cleaning them by hand is hard work. It’s messy and uncomfortable. Due to infrequent cleaning and incorrect tile cleaning techniques and chemicals stains and dirt may build up on tiles. It is almost impossible to get the deep- clean results over time, tile floors and surfaces lose their shine and luster.

When it is regularly maintained, tile floor can last decades or sometimes even centuries.

Many people believe that cleaning grout is difficult, when in reality it isn’t as long as it doesn’t build up. Cleaning a tile floor might seem a bit daunting at first!

Never fear- I will be giving you some tips and couple of strategies on how you should clean your tile floor:

Tip 1

Make sure dirt and spills do not have a chance to get comfortable.

That is the most important aspect of cleaning your tile floor. Avoid spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing away stains and dirt. Rather than forbidding everyone but yourself from walking on the floor, wipe up spills as soon as they happen.

This is easy enough to do with a mop or cloth, hot water, and a mild household detergent to get rid of the dirt on tile floors.

Tip 2

Sweep dust and leaves, then damp mop once a week.

Most tile floors don’t need to be cleaned with harsh chemicals. A damp mop in hot water is all it takes to get your floors really clean. Be sure to clean the dirty mop water and refill your bucket often while mopping.

The only time you need to use an actual cleanser is for built-up grime, pet accidents, dropped raw meat, or other heavy bacteria spills.

Tip 3

Regular Maintenance

This is the easiest, quickest and most effective step you can take. This includes regularly sweeping, vacuuming and damp mop the bathroom. Entryway and kitchen tile floors.

A quick sweeping removes dirt and debris before it becomes rooted in the tile or grout. Mopping with warm water also enhances your tile’s gloss, shine and color.

Water is effective in keeping the tile floor looking great and it is the best floor cleaning products not to mention it is everywhere and readily available at home.

Tip 4

Vinegar and baking soda are effective cleaners.

If you have children or pets, you may not want to use harsh chemicals, and this is a superb alternative.

These two household products combine to create one fantastic grime-fighting duo.

  • Make a paste out of the baking soda by adding a little vinegar.
  • Scrub the grout with the paste and handy-dandy toothbrush
  • Simply wipe away the residue.

Yes, it can be a bit time-consuming, but the results of clean grout are far worth the effort. In addition to that, if baking soda is too much for you.

A simple bottle of vinegar only puts those notorious “cleaning miracle” infomercials to shame.

  • Either apply it to the grout by itself or dilute it with water.
  • Pour the vinegar along the edges of the tile
  • Let it sit for 10 minutes before using a toothbrush in a circular motion.
  • And if you need an added cleaning punch. Try also mixing a cup of white vinegar with a gallon of water for a wonderfully effective, odor-eliminating cleanser.

Tile cleaning and maintenance may be tough to do but it plays a big part in preserving the beauty and condition of your tiles. Make sure that you spend the right amount of time and effort in cleaning your tiles so that you won’t have any problems in maintaining its beauty and quality for a long time…

If after doing all the cleaning steps above , there are still remaining stains or marks on your tiles and you are considering re-tiling. Stop call us rather as we have a whole bag of tricks and tools to strip , clean and seal your tiles , so they look better than when they we new. Call us now 021 558 8847.