Coronavirus Specialised Sanitation

Coronavirus Specialised Sanitation

We offer Specialised Sanitation to the public and private individuals

We treat areas and surfaces against the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Virus

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) VIRUS has become a pandemic worldwide and requires immediate attention.

In order to assist you, we are providing a specialised chemical decontamination fogging process which kills pathogens including the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) VIRUS.

Homes, Offices, Retirement Centres, Hotels, Public Ablutions and all other facilities that are open to the public will require regular attention and cleaning interventions so that we can combat this virus and prevent further transmission.

We will also include an assessment so that you will be aware of the the necessary preventative measures that been to be taken in order to treat areas which are of a concern to you.

TILE DOCTOR is a registered Essential Service Provider which allows us to treat any areas and surfaces at any time convenient to you.

Unit 7, SATG Building, 18th Avenue, Kensington, Maitland, Cape Town

Craig on 071 355 3497 or 021 558 8847 and Allen on 082 454 0390 or 021 558 8847 or