The right slate sealer is not hard to find. The search should start in determining the characteristics of slate as a construction material. Slate has been used for billiard tables and electric motor parts because of its fire resistance and excellent insulation properties and was later introduced as a material for making tiles. It was also used in the olden times as roofing materials called roof shingles and has been continuously used as a fine stone material for building purposes in today’s modern construction industry. Its use as slate tiles for flooring has become popular and it is for this use that the right sealer for slate tiles is sought by contractors.

Slate tiles retain the porous characteristics of the natural occurring slate rocks which are actually sedimentary shale formed by geological forces for millions of years. Although such rocky materials are hard and sturdy, they are easily penetrated by water-borne substances and organisms that can ruin its aesthetic qualities. Using a sealer is the best way to preserve slate materials that are made into kitchen floors, outside pathway floors leading to pools and external patio floors. To protect slate from molds and other similar organic matter that attack the tile surfaces, the sealer must be applied properly and made to penetrate the interior of the stone tiles with substances that can preserve their aesthetic qualities.

Aside from proper application, the kind of sealer must also be taken into consideration. Many prefer water-based penetrating and impregnating sealants because they are more efficient in providing protection for the surfaces of slate tiles. Without protection, the tiles will lose its natural color and the surface becomes spotty and unsightly to behold. A good water-based sealer must be able to penetrate the surface of the tiles and impregnate them with the right chemical shields that will prevent discolouration and tarnishing of the tile surfaces.

A good water-based sealer provides the transparent coating that allows the natural color of the slate tiles to stand out due to the almost invisible film that protects the outer surface of the tiles. Because the sealer penetrates deep into the pores of the stone tiles, the surfaces applied with the sealer become resistant to oil, water and stain, pushing out any harmful chemical substances or organic matters that threaten to invade the surfaces. It is important therefore that when the slate tiles are installed, they should be immediately treated with a water-based sealer for slate tiles to make sure that they will be stay intact for a long time.

The protective action of a water-based sealer is actually designed to penetrate the pores of the slate and impregnate those pores with the emulsified substance that it holds and delivers through its water carrier. When the water evaporates, what remain in the pores are the protective chemicals that repel oil, water and staining substances that attack the slate tiles. In order to make maintenance easier in the future, sealing slate is absolutely essential.

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