Do you know that stripping and tripping accidents can cost you a fortune, while the small outlay on some non slip tape, will have you saying “slip no more”. In fact you could lose your whole business or even your house.

Ramp before non slip tape

Before Non Slip Tape

After instalation nonslip grit tape

After Non Slip Tape

99% of these slipping accidents are avoidable. By either applying a non-slip tape or anti-slip coatings to your flooring.

The application of anti-slip tape to areas where there is a gradient to the flooring. While nonslip tile treatments and coatings suitable in more level areas. For instance garages, patios and verandas. Even inside the house, in areas like the kitchen and hallways.

The highest incidence of slipping is on a staircase. The solutions to prevent slipping on stairs is one of the couple options.
It is to why a strip of grit strip tape to each stair. Sometimes additionally we would need to put on a stair nosing. The stair nosing comes in various formats. It consists of a metal strip in an “L” shape so that it would hug me corner of the step. And besides it will have a strip of grip tape built into the stair nosing.

There are a couple advantages with stair nosing or edging:

– It provides an elegant finish for the step. This way safety can actually be a feature of your home decor.
– It protects the step from damage and chipping
– The strips can also come in your corporate colors or in a color to match your house flooring
– The strips are available with a photo luminescent strip. For easier visibility in darker conditions
– The stair anti-slip nosing comes in three options. Option one is the step nosing. The second option is the step nosing with grit strip attached. The third option is the step nosing with the grip tape and the photo illuminenct strip. Suitable for dark or poorly lit areas.

In our houses about safety as much as we should. It takes a fall, for us to take some preventative steps for the next possible accident.

With over 20 years of experience , we can professionally:

– installing,
– repairing,
– replacing and
– installing non-slip grip tape

For homes, offices and industrial or commercial properties. As an expert in our field, we have testified at many trials for slip related accidents/negligence.

Besides the fact that if someone falls in your house:

– that you are responsible for their medical costs,
– never mind the guilt that you will feel,
– you could also face legal costs. Which could include financial support that person. If they are not able to work for the rest of the lives.

So don’t miss this opportunity , have a walk around your house and office. Speak to your wife who wears high heels and all colleagues that were high heels as these tend to slip. And ask them where in the premises they have slipped or twisted the ankles.

Now you have identified your targeted areas to address. Look at one of the above possible solutions to prevent future slipping and that way you do not have to slip no more

There is new nonslip technology released annually. That helps prevent accidents in the home and in the office.

There are some tips to making your home slip proof or to at least avoid some of the accidents :

If you have a slippery section of walkway or the ramp. Think about applying some grip tape to prevent slipping. Also a non-slip treatments coating on the floor surface would be ideal.

The next step, would be to look at placing rugs or carpets on the very slippery areas. But you should place a sticky under felt. Which will grip the floor otherwise the carpets would further enhance be slipperiness.

The next step is to keep flooring, particular tile flooring, clean and dry. As with the addition of water onto any tiled surface even with the non-slip tile coating. Most floors even with an anti-slip coating become slippery. This is due to the water forming a film between your foot and the floor. Which causes you to skid and slide, with you ending up for being hurting yourself. Never mind the undignified acrobatics . And you landing in a clumsy pile on the floor with your private parts exposed.

So call us immediately to help prevent slipping accidents in your house in Cape Town.

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