Can see you asking why floor tiles sealing is needed that you just purchased and had installed in your home, at the small price of an arm and a leg.  The main reasons that tiles are sealed is for preventing stains , protecting the tile surface and finally enhancement of the appearance of the tiles and grouting.

  • Preventing stains by sealing tiles

Tiles( no matter the material made from like porcelain,  ceramic tiles, stone, slate, granite, etc)  they are both absorbent materials. Even the ceramic and porcelain tiles that are colour or coated and cured on one side sealed with the paint or colour effect.

But the sides/edges  and the underside of the tiles remain porous to liquids.

This is why it is important to seal the tiles and the grout once the tiles are laid.

By sealing the grout and the whole surface of the tile, it ensures that liquid will not permeate to the underside of the tile and be absorbed by the tile and cause discoloration or staining.

floor tile sealing cape town

As tiles naturally have tiny holes and spaces between granules of the tile material , these are natural craters for dirt to accumulate, which over time dirt and grime will build up , if not properly cleaned regularly.

The tile sealer will settle into these holes and prevent grime and dust being collected in the space on the tile and the grout. Preserving the clean white look of the tiles and grouting longer. Also easier to clean.

As tiling is a large part of your home renovation and décor costs you want the tiles to look good for longer


  • Enhanced appearance of the tiles after sealing

Depending on the type of sealant chosen for your particular type of tile, a matt or gloss finish look can be selected. This further accentuates the look of your floor tiles.


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