Anti slip tile treatments can prevent a careless step on your slippery tile floor leading to unwanted injuries and even hospitalization. There are plenty of solutions available to make the floor non slippery and prevent unwanted accidents. Thanks to the anti slip coating, you can move easily anywhere across the floor without the worry of falling down. As prevention is better than cure it is good to treat the floor with special slip resistance coating before any slip and fall accident. Here we discuss the different areas where anti slip coating treatment can be used to prevent accidental slipping on tiles.


Lobbies and entrance halls


Entrance ways or entrance halls are a common where slip slipping and sliding on tiles usually takes place. Normally during the summer and non rainy days it is not generally a problem, however when the weather changes and there is a bit of moisture in the air. The tiles can be hazardous as someone entering quickly into the entrance way without noticing the wetness on the floor , will easily slip. There is a special non-slip coating that can be used on the floors and the tiles will be become anti-slip. Once this coating is applied one needs not to worry about climatic conditions , rather your guests and family can walk freely anytime.




Next common place where slips normally happen , is on steps. Needless to say , when stairs are wet one could easily fall down without warning. Also due to the nature of stairs it is possible to even being killed during a fall down stairs. While some steps have traction strips which provide grip for shoes to prevent slipping, these anti slip strips are not very elegant looking.


Best way to prevent slippery steps is to apply a non-slip treatment to the staircase, this an elegant safety measure for any tiled stairs. If stair are particularly steep, we recommend applying traction strips as well.


Walking ramps

It is common to slip on tiled ramps if they are wet. It’s recommended to install handrails and anti-slip treatment to the floor tiles. If ramp is quite steep angle , traction strips may be necessary. The anti-slip treatment is advisably to be carried out by professionals. There are a couple of options available for each scenario is unique , and our staff will provide expert advice , depending on the type of flooring and the situation and condition of it.

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Damp and wet areas

Floors which usually get slippery include work areas in home like the washing room , car service areas , work areas in garage where oil spills, etc. These areas are prone to accidental slips anytime. Treating these floors with special anti-slip chemicals coats the floor surface preventing slipping.

It is good to make your floors slip resistant and prevent broken bones , and trips to the doctor. Antislip treatments adds more grip to the floor surface.

What are your Anti-slip flooring options?

Anti-slip floor coatings can be useful in a home, office or even factory. But people have historically avoided doing these treatments due to previous horror stories from bad workmanship , where the contractor has damaged the flooring and resulted in the expensive replacement of the flooring. Nowadays there has been significant advancement in anti-slip floor chemicals , with technical knowledge of correct application method , the finished result will be invisible to the naked eye.

  • Coatings

Antislip coatings can be applied to all types of hard floor surfaces. It’s like a layer of paint, and when the coating is dried the surface of your floor is textured which increases its slip resistance. Usually, these coatings are invisible and can also protect your floor from wear and tear

  • Treatments 

Treatments can be applied to porous hard floors( like tiles and concrete) and change the texture of the floor. They are invisible and you can use them even if you want to retain the shiny glaze on tiles.

  • Anti-slip tape

If you don’t need anti-slip solution to cover an entire floor surface but rather a particular area of your home , where slips typically occur, tape can be adhered to the section of flooring. The anti-slip tape comes in a range of colours , and can be applied to become a feature that is not only functional but good looking as well.

  • Nosings

Nosings can be applied to the edge of stairs , which both reduces the slipperiness of the steps , and if contrasting colour nosing used , it will highlight the step edging thus increasing visibility.

  • Tiles

Textured or tactile tiles are another option if you are looking to prevent slipping in a small area that does not require a complete floor coating. Available in various colours and patterns. Produced from ceramic , cement or rubber tiles.


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