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We have been proudly cleaning and sealing tiles in Cape Town for over 20 years.

Our specialist services include the treatment of newly installed tiles and/or the refurbishment of existing floors, from tile cleaning to tile striping, tile sealing and marble cleaning and polishing.

The types of floor coverings we treat are: Sandstone, Slate, Terracotta, Marble, Travertine, Granite and Quartzite to mention a few.

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Granite is one of the most popular flooring options and obviously one of the hardest, most scratch-resistant flooring materials as it is formed under extreme pressure. Granite can be found in endless shades and colors and is ideal for bathrooms, hallways and foyers or could even be used as an accent to other flooring options.



Marble is known and prized for its classic elegant look and has been around since ancient times. While considered by many as the most luxurious flooring on the market, compared to other stone floorings it doesn’t hold up that much and is easily affected by scratching and chipping which is why it requires professional sealing and installation. 

Sandstone after


Sandstone is a beautiful natural floor covering that is popular for its distinctive style. It’s durability is hard as rock since it is quarried from the cores of mountains that can last for decades if properly cared for. It can also be slippery when polished especially in areas where water may be present. For this reason it is generally not used in bathrooms or kitchens.



Travertine is a type of limestone with beautiful variations and one of the softest floorings on the market. Travertine can be strengthened by filling small holes with a cement and polishing. Regular application of a stone sealer also helps protect travertine flooring. Limestone brings a touch of nature to your home. 



Slate is a rustic classic type of metamorphic rock which works well outdoors as well  as indoors. It is water resistant and comes in a varying spectrum of rich and earthy tones.  It is naturally textured and provides homeowners with the classic ‘stone’ look. The rougher surfaces offer good traction for entryways, sunrooms, patios and kitchens.

Anti-Slip Treatment

Safeguard your hazardous areas

anti slip

Reduce slips and falls with AST.95 which is a unique two- step  chemical  treatment for slippery floors.

AST.95 is a two chemical treatment that permanently changes the surface of tiles that are slippery when wet. AST.95 is designed to make ceramic surfaces anti slip.

Because AST.95 is not a coating but an integral part of the tile’s glaze, it cannot be washed away.

SABS tests have shown that the abrasion of tiles may be increased by as much as 100% and therefore tiles treated with AST.95 should last longer than untreated tiles.

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